Who We Are


Touhey Custom Carpentry opened its doors over 20 years ago. Time changes many things but our mission is not one of them. We want nothing more than to create a custom experience that will emotionally return on your investment forever.

We have completed huge projects like adding a room onto a home and tiny projects like crafting a fine custom chess set. We honestly love it all and we would be honored to create something for you.

As we have grown and become more popular over the years we have never strayed from our mission to deliver beautiful custom carpentry to our clients. We promise that we will bring our very best effort and insight to any job we are chosen for.

Principles of Our Work

  • Quality above all else
  • Understand every reason why the job is important to you
  • Always leave a project completed and better than before
  • Customer satisfaction will never be undervalued
  • Create positive emotion by changing physical space


Flooring/ Tile


Eric Touhey


Eric is the owner/operator of Touhey Custom Carpentry. He’s been practicing every facet of carpentry for over 20 years and has only got better at his craft. With no shortage of handymen and general contractors out there he focuses on letting the quality of his work change his clients lives.

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Concrete and Agg.


Debris Removal



Safety & Compliance

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We can finish a job you started or we can design and build what you want. Custom Carpentry is a partnership where we bring your ideas to life!
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